Foundation / Drilling Tools

Our Foundation Drilling division offers an extensive line of conical carbide cutter tools for the drilling, utility, and excavating industries used on dirt augers, rock augers, core barrels, digging buckets, and other numerous attachments.



Since the 1990s, The Sollami Company expanded their product line to serve other industries. By using similar concepts of products used in the mining industry, Sollami offers new products that were created and developed for use in the Foundation Drilling industry.

The Sollami Company continues to provide the Foundation Drilling industry and some of its manufacturers of drilling attachments (augers, buckets, barrels, and other attachments) with conical carbide cutter teeth. We have been manufacturing cutter bits for over thirty years in the foundation industry and take great pride in providing our customers with various size cutter tools to achieve optimal performance through a project’s completion.

We are always making improvements to increase bit performance and bit life of the cutter tools to minimize operating costs to our customers. The Sollami Company manufactures innovative conical carbide cutter tools to reduce overall operating cost for the contractor and providing quality, cutting-edge, economical products for:

The Foundation Drilling division is constantly evolving and changing based on customers’ needs and requests. All designs, research & development, marketing, sales, and manufacturing are completed in-house. Our customer service is second to none. We value our customers’ input, suggestions, and opportunities to test our current products and our newest designs. Call us today to schedule an appointment for Testing Sollami cutter bits or inquire if there are opportunities for your company to be a part of our Research & Development process. Our experienced sales team will share information with you regarding which Sollami products will produce the most effective and efficient outcomes for your projects!