Road Milling & Reclamation / Soil Stabilization Tools

Our Road Milling & Reclamation-Soil Stabilization division offers a line of products focusing on highway road milling, including micro-milling, asphalt reclamation and soil stabilization. We are known for our forward thinking innovations. We are trendsetters & leaders in this industry with our innovative designs in Sollami’s Quick Change Systems and the Wear Washer design asphalt/concrete cutter bits – Many of these patented products have United States and foreign patent protection.



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Since the late 1990s, The Sollami Company expanded its product line to serve other industries. By using similar concepts of products used in the mining industry, Sollami now offers new products that were created and developed for use in Road Milling & Reclamation-Soil Stabilization.

Our goals are quite simple: provide quality, cutting-edge, economical products to the milling, road reclamation, and soil stabilization industries, while providing exceptional customer service and value!

We are continually making improvements to our products, so contractors can complete projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. For over fifteen (15) years, we have satisfied hundreds of customers’ needs with our diverse Quick Change Systems. Whether you are a milling contractor or involved in the recycling of asphalt or soil stabilization, we provide a wide array of holders and cutter bits to get the job done.

At the Sollami Company, we can proudly say that we go the extra “mile” to provide our customers with quality tools and streamline design Quick Change tool holder systems at an exceptional value!

The Road Milling & Reclamation-Soil Stabilization division is constantly evolving and changing based on customers’ needs and requests. All designs, research & development, marketing, sales, and manufacturing are completed in-house. Our customer service is second to none. We value our customers’ input, suggestions, and opportunities to test our current products and newest designs. Call us today to schedule an appointment for Testing Sollami cutter bits or inquire if there are opportunities for your company to be a part of our Research & Development process. Our experienced sales team will share information with you regarding which Sollami products will produce the most effective and efficient outcomes for your projects!