Trenching / Rock Saw Tools

Our Trenching & Rock Saw division offers an extensive line of products focusing in the pipeline, water/sewer/utilities, fiber optics, windmill farms, concrete patches for highway construction, underdrain systems, quarries, and surface mining, among other industries. We are known for our forward thinking innovations. We are trendsetters and leaders in these industries with our innovative designs in pocket protectors and penetrators – Many of these patented products have United States and foreign patent protection.



In 1993, the Sollami Company decided to expand its business from mining and started working on diversifying into the trenching/ rock saw industry.

The Sollami Company saw a need for change with the existing trenching bits being used on the trenching/ rock saw machines. After analyzing the problems with extensive research, we knew that our trenching bit designs would change the whole concept of bits being used in the industry.

The Sollami Company developed the pocket protector (large flange) for ease of bit removal from the pocket. This new concept extended the life of the pocket as it prevents less dirt and fines in the bore. We also incorporated several nose configurations, of which, some are patented. The penetrator design bits (teeth), with the pocket protector, has increased our customers’ production substantially. Special Treatments to our trenching bits (teeth) have extended performance.

Today, these concepts are used throughout the world, and we take pride in our accomplishments as an American family owned and operated company. We always strive to improve trenching bit performance, which promotes efficiency and leads to reduced operating cost for the contractor.